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My Reiki Story

Back in 2012, I started reading about energy healing. I attended a Hands of Light workshop with Priscilla Bright at Omega Institute in 2013, where I had an amazing experience of feeling the archetypal Healer entering my body and sending violet light out from my fingertips into my partner’s body. A vision of six angels sitting on the sides of a river presented itself to me, and I knew that the river was pure energy. An awed, reverent feeling overtook me, and I was very grateful.

Fast forward a few years. I had taken several more energy healing workshops and was interested in discovering more. One day I was on my morning walk and a neighbor told me she was a Reiki practitioner. I didn’t know her well, and I didn’t think much about it. A few weeks later, someone else also told me about Reiki. As I reflected one day on my desire to learn energy healing, I realized the universe (as always!) had given me the direction I needed. I started looking for Reiki classes.

In the meantime, though, before I ever heard of Reiki, I had an experience that later seemed important. I was driving home on a treacherous mountain road, sliding up and down, terrified, when I heard an inner voice ask “Do you accept the universal energy?” I immediately said “yes!” even though I didn’t really know what that meant. I was still scared the rest of the way down the mountain, but I calmed down enough to get home safely. (At that time, I didn’t know that Reiki means “universal life-force energy.”)

A second interesting experience took place before I took Reiki II. It turned out that as I had doodled in my notebook during meetings at work in the previous months, I had been drawing over and over again the Power symbol that I then learned in Reiki II. I went back to my notebook to check, and sure enough, there it was, Power on multiple pages. I felt then that Reiki had called me in—and I went willingly. 😉

“Calling someone in” is a way of saying that we connect with another person energetically. I like to think of this connection as a long streamer of various colors reaching out from my hands to the person I’m channeling Reiki to. In truth, we are all connected by energies of different vibrational frequencies, which show themselves to us sometimes as different colors of light. We are not separate, energetically speaking. This is a sacred aspect of Reiki, or, I should say, Reiki is one aspect of the Sacred. While I’ve studied many traditions in an attempt to really understand our Oneness, it took the practice of Reiki to provide me with the amount of evidence that I needed to actually KNOW it by experiencing it—to real-ize it.

When a client who has suffered from anxiety for years gets a single Reiki treatment and no longer feels anxious the day afterward or again, I know that Reiki has flowed to her, over fifteen hundred miles away from me. These kinds of stories are not out of the ordinary (although no practitioner can guarantee a particular result in one session). Another client has reported an effervescent feeling of joy after one of her sessions. A third was dealing with a very difficult interpersonal situation; the day after her first session, she reported feeling very differently about it, although it was hard for her to say exactly WHAT was different. She just felt very relieved. It can be difficult for people to describe their experience since so much of what happens energetically happens outside of our usual consciousness, but many say they feel lighter, easier, and more joyful.

And joy is the feeling I like to start with in my Reiki sessions. I want to celebrate joy, spread joy, and embody joy. I haven’t reached that last goal yet, but by helping as many people as I can to benefit from Reiki, I hope I will.

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