Reiki in Person

Once I can start accepting in-person appointments again, I will update this message.

You will get the most out of your Reiki session if you hold an intention. That means focusing on whatever issue you have and considering your desired outcome. If you can, write down your intention and bring it with you.


As you travel to your session, think about the benefits that fulfilling your intention will have in your life. Note that your intention must be about a change you desire in yourself, not someone else.

Wear comfortable clothing. You’ll want to relax deeply, and wearing loose, comfortable clothing will help you.

We'll start by talking about your goals, and then you'll either lay on the table or sit in a chair, whichever we have decided is better for you. Then I will deliver Reiki to you by putting my hands on different places on your torso, around your head, and on your back. If you prefer not to be touched, I can deliver Reiki by hovering my hands a few inches above your body--the effect is the same. In no case do I touch areas considered private.

It can take a day or even a few days to feel the full effect of your session. I will call you the day after your appointment to check in and hear about your experience, answer any questions, and address any concerns.