Reiki at a Distance

Energy healing happens just as easily at a distance as in person.


To prepare to get the most out of your session, think about your goals. Even though we tend to think about body, heart, mind, and soul separately, in reality, they are one. Your goals can be directed in any or all of these areas. Think about your goals, and focus on them: Write them down if you can. Your intention matters.

When working with you at a distance, I will call you at the time of our appointment to hear your concerns and goals. This call usually takes about half an hour. Then I do an energy check to make sure our connection is strong. After that, we hang up the phone, and I begin the healing session.

It’s lovely if you can lay down with some peaceful music on, but it’s all right, too, if you need to go about your business while I work. It won’t affect the session. I will text you when the session is done to set up a second phone call for the following day so that I can understand what your experience has been, answer any questions, and make any recommendations I may have for you.

Schedule your appointment or get more information by texting me at (802) 349-8962.