I hope these will be underway in 2021!

These workshops each draw on several modalities to address specific ways you can take care of yourself.

Shaping Effective Responses to Anger


Anger has a benevolent purpose, even though people don’t usually wonder what that purpose is. Getting caught up in anger, they may act in a way that causes problems with loved ones, friends, or co-workers. This workshop includes discussing the positive value of anger as well as learning techniques to avoid its more problematic expressions. We’ll use visualization techniques, energy work, and meditation to help us move beyond anger and into a framework where we’re making more conscious decisions about how we want to act. 

Gratitude Never Stops Giving


Gratitude is the cure-all if you suffer through undesired emotional states like disappointment, anxiety, or resentment. In this workshop, you’ll learn a simple technique to allow for gratitude to emerge in your daily life. You’ll also do energetic work with your chakras to overcome typical obstacles to feeling gratitude. You’ll be given a journal and will start your own written record of the people, places, things, and ideas that you’re blessed with every moment of your life. Cultivating gratitude, you will love the world you live in. 

“May you never be separated from joy!”                                       (a prayer)